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Boutique retreats for body, mind and soul.




A collaboration of Better than A pill and Top London Life Coach.

3 day or 5 day London home retreats.

Enjoy an exclusive transformative, healing retreat experience in the comfort of your own home or our dedicated retreat space in London. A tailored programme to help you move forward and create the life you want.
Take advantage of the personalised programme of deep healing integrating
coaching, mindfulness, yoga, Ritual, Vision Boards, bioenergetic healing, inspiring workshops and EFT

Let go of your blocks, get clarity on your goals and come away with an action plan for 2018.

You will come away with a clearer mind, a plan for the future and renewed energy to help you achieve your goals. An invitation to feel healthier, happier and to reconnect with your body allowing for deep relaxation and emotional well-being. 

You will experience personalised healing sessions and receive a holistic health report with medical intuitive Imogen Kirk-Reynolds, whose spent over a decade specialising in the body-mind connection, working with the body’s subtle bioenergetics to release trauma and stress. You will also receive a one on one coaching each day with Top London Life Coach, Raylah Elsom. Raylah can help increase confidence, get clear on your future vision and help remove the blocks getting in the way of you achieving your goals. Raylah combines a wealth of techniques for the most effective change. She has  worked in the industry for over 17 years, working with students to top professionals, housewives and thriving actors  empowering people to live the life they want.

You can also opt for nutrition and yoga for better health and weightloss and to help heal physical complaints.

If you want to feel the benefit of a clean, health giving diet we have two chefs on hand to help you reorganise your cupboards and evaluate your eating habits for a healthier lifestyle and teach you how to prepare delicious plant based meals with anti-inflammatory, cleansing foods.

Our highly experienced Yogi can be included and will guide you through nurturing postures combining ancient techniques with an innovative twist. 
This is not about quick fixes but lasting, meaningful change. 

 Deep healing

 integrative coaching,




Vision Boards,

Bioenergetic Healing


Healthy eating

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Experience the same transformation and healing as our retreats, in London in the comfort of your own home or in our dedicated London space.
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Life Coach, Counsellor & 
EFT Therapist

 Raylah has a wealth of experience trained in Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, NLP and stress reduction techniques. She has worked with companies and individuals to heal and support them.

 She is passionate about helping people improve their lives. She believes that everyone is creative, resourceful and whole and she sees the incredible potential and best in all her clients. 

 She has worked in the industry for over 17 years and continue to grow her knowledge to offer you the best possible service.

Energy Medicine Specialist & Wellbeing Trainer

Imogen has spent a decade specialising in the body-mind connection, working with the body’s subtle bioenergetics, to release trauma and stress toxic loading. 

Her unique ability to intuitively perceive the subtle body enables her to pin-point the cause behind presenting symptoms whether they be emotional, mental or physically based. 

Imogen firmly believes that it is only through a gained understanding, alongside treatment, that we can achieve lasting healing.

Yoga Instructor & 
Personal Trainer

Mike’s interest in the world of the physical led him to start out as a personal trainer from a young age, moving onto incorporate Tumbling, Breakdance, and Ballet into his abilities, his search developed from the Physical making way for a more spiritual approach. This ended him up in India where he grew his passion for Yoga, finding it delivered where other physical disciplines failed.

Mike teaches across London and is he’s known for marrying ancient techniques with today’s innovations. 

​​Life Coaching with Raylah Elsom

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