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Client Feedback

In 2009, I returned to London having endured a difficult year away. There was a lot of mess in my life at that time meaning it was hard to focus on moving forward. Raylah helped me understand myself better, to take stock and to learn from my experience. She gave me the tools to look to myself for solutions and to allow myself to fully understand and accept the changes I was going through. This all helped to clarify my thoughts and processes. The sessions were intense and incredibly useful. I still use many of the techniques she taught me and have catch ups whenever necessary.

I feel a lot more focused and therefore able to move forward. I would recommend Raylah without hesitation.

Christian, New York

I felt relaxed and at ease in the sessions. After a few sessions with Raylah I felt much more confident in myself and the direction I needed to take in my life at the time.

LR, Housewife

I have had the benefit of being treated by Ms Elsom over the past year.
She has come to learn and sense my needs - and works with me to enable me to achieve the highest sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Her approach and the therapy helps me be more effective during my business trips to the UK and she is particularly flexible in terms of adjusting her times to meet my varying and sometimes quick changing schedule ...

Business Owner

Raylah is highly intelligent, very empathetic and energetic.

Zoe, Self made Business Women

How I Coach

Each coach has a unique approach to coaching.  Here are some of my approaches.

I love my clients!  You honour me with the opportunity to coach you. With patience, compassion, excitement, and awe, I support your desire and attempts to improve your life.  I listen deeply with acceptance and curiosity, I practice reflective listening, and celebrate your wins. I see incredible potential in all my clients otherwise I wouldn't work with them and always work for your greater good. 

I encourage and empower.  You have limitless potential and can accomplish your dreams.  Your dreams are noble and exciting, and I will cheer you on to victory.

I ask tough questions.  One of the greatest tools of coaching is the well-placed, focused question.  These questions bring out your truth about what you want, how to get it, and what gets in your way.  You know what’s best for you. Sometimes things might be hard to hear but I will only say what I think will benefit you in the long term.

I offer suggestions.  From years of helping others, facilitating growth in others, and my own personal growth work, I have a bag of exercises and tools to share with you.  Some of these exercises or stretches you will do between sessions.  I prefer that you come up with your own practices to improve your life.  You are responsible for your decisions and the resulting setbacks or successes.

I challenge.  I want to bring out your best!  Sometimes that means challenging you with questions or calling you out when you don’t do what you say or when you appear to be stagnant.  I point out the big picture.  I also recognise that sometimes we need to pull back to integrate learning or rest.  Please let me know when you need to rest or if you think that I’m pushing too much.

I sometimes seek advice.  Each life coach has her or his own therapist. 

My clients set the agenda and ask for what they want.  You decide what you will do and at what pace you will do it.  If you want to change what we’re doing, let me know as soon as possible.  If you have ANY problem with me, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can have a clean, unencumbered relationship. I will do the same. 

I expect you to use me, not depend on me.  Ultimately, I want my clients to learn to coach themselves. Over time, you will learn to ask yourself the tough questions, know what you want, and achieve goals without my help.  You will build a network of friends, experts, and support.  

I am a resource.  I can coach you to improve virtually any area of your life. If I think you need an expert in any area, I will refer you to experts.  If you are addicted, I will recommend a 12-step group.  If you need a different type of therapist, I will recommend one.

I only want commitment. I only work with people who are ready and committed to change. I ask my clients to be punctual and get the most from our sessions together. The real work and change doesn't only happen in the sessions. You need to take action and be brave enough to make changes..this happens in-between sessions.  I require 48hrs notice for any cancellations or the full fee be paid. If I need to reschedule I will call you. 

About Me

​​About Me

Raylah Elsom BA(Hons), MHS, MNCS, EFT Register.

Life Coaching, Counselling, EFT Therapy, NLP, Stress Reduction Techniques.

I am passionate about helping people improve their lives. I think some old models of therapy are outdated. I use techniques and tools to help bring about change and focus on creating a better more fulfilling future. I believe that everyone is creative, resourceful and whole and I see the incredible potential and best in all my clients. 

I am an experienced, accredited professional trained in Life Coaching, EFT, NLP, Counselling and various stress reduction techniques. I am registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society, National Counselling Society and on the EFT Register.
I have worked in the industry for over 14 years and continue to grow my knowledge to offer you the best possible service. 

My previous experience includes working in a target driven sales company in the city. Then working in a highly respected Executive coaching company. I enjoy working with the areas of career, health, stress, exhaustion and positive lifestyle changes. Helping my clients navigate through difficult decisions while staying true to themselves. 
I offer one to one coaching in person or over the phone. 
I have a BA from University College London. 

To schedule an appointment, please call: 07976 029244.